In response to the many friends, clients and relatives who have told me “you should be posting a blog”… here it is!  After I returned from my Texas trip in June 2017 my former co-worker Shari told me to talk to her niece Kim who had discovered an easy way to set up and maintain a blog. This will give me an opportunity to share photos and stories about my travels with anyone who is interested in them and will reduce the need to send individual text messages and photos (though I will still do that for things which may only interest one or two people). I will try to post at least one but probably no more than three photos per day, probably at the end of my day local time. You may sign up for e-mail notifications of each post, or you may just choose to check for updates periodically at your discretion.

I welcome feedback (good and bad) but please don’t feel obligated to respond to each post unless you really want to.  My intent is to share some of my pictures and experiences in an easy, non-intrusive manner.  I take lots of pictures (and am an endless source amusing JohnBoy stories) and will be happy to make to make them available to those of you who are interested, but don’t want to bore those of you who aren’t.


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