RIP Grand Canyon Helicopter Victims

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Last Fall I posted on the blog that tourist helicopters are no longer allowed to fly over the Grand Canyon.  Evidently that is not the case.  I read today that several people perished in a helicopter crash yesterday.  It occurred near the West Rim, whereas most overlooks are located at the South(east) Rim and North(east) Rim.

I should also take this opportunity to apologize for not yet posting pictures from prior trips, as I said I would.  Since getting back home to North Carolina at the end of October I have been fairly busy with various projects and while I have looked back at the many (27,132 to be exact) pictures I took I have not yet posted any additional photos.  I have more from the early portion of my most recent trip (when I only posted one-at-a-time) and still plan to post photos from earlier trips.  Those of you who know me also know that I am a procrastinator.  I miss the discipline of posting (most) every night as I did while on-the-road.

And for those of you who might be curious, I logged over 33,600 miles from July 5 through October 31.  I still plan to travel west again (primarily California) starting in May.  The Alaska portion I have been talking about will likely be postponed to 2019.  I was quite shocked to find out how much it costs to transport the car on a ferry from Washington state to Anchorage ($ 6,000 round trip!).

I haven’t forgotten about the blog.  I promise I’ll be posting again soon!

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  1. John, the helicopter flight originated outside of GCNP and from what I understand crashed outside the park. Unfortunate to be sure…It was fun meeting you at Lake Marie in the Snowy Range last year. We have enjoyed following your trip from our little casita in Arizona. Stay well.


    1. Thanks, Michael. Yes, I read last night that the crash occurred on Hualapai Indian land. The report I read stated that the tribe relies heavily on revenue from tourist helicopter flights and has fewer restrictions than National Park land. They are evidently reviewing their policy in light of the event over the weekend.


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