Murals in Cincinnati

This was one of many murals I saw while visiting Cincinnati, Ohio this past weekend:


This recently restored mural was originally created in 1983 and is on the north side of the original Kroger headquarters downtown.  It is called “Homage to Cincinnatus” and was painted in a style called “trompe l’oeil.”  Some of the windows are real but many are fake, and part of the illusion.

There were many, many murals scattered all over the city, and in other nearby towns, which are part of the ongoing ArtWorks project.  To see photos of all the murals (some of which date back to 2007) go to the website.

World Traveler

Meet Luk:



Luk was a guest at the same Airbnb in West Virginia where I stayed Sunday night on my way home from Cincinnati.  Luk is from Belgium and is visiting the United States for a few weeks before moving on to several countries in the Far East.  He arrived in New York a little over a week before I met him and is working his way south (to southern Florida) over the next month, and will then fly to California before flying over the Pacific to continue his journey.  VERY ambitious!

These photos were taken Monday morning when I dropped him off at the bus station.  He travels largely on foot but takes buses (and planes) to get from city to city.