Lambert’s Café, Sikeston, Missouri

I almost forgot – on my way to Branson I had lunch at the original Lambert’s Café in Sikeston, Missouri.  Thanks to Gloria, a friend of mine in Durham, who told me about Lambert’s reputation for “throwed rolls”.


Sure enough, there are staff members who wheel a cart containing freshly baked dinner rolls (5 inches in diameter) hot out of the oven and literally throw them across the room to customers!  You need to establish eye contact and indicate you are a willing participant (evidently there have been incidents of unsuspecting customers getting bonked on the head by flying rolls).

According to their website (, of course) they bake rolls non-stop from 9 am until 9 pm, average 520 dozen per day (that’s over 2 million a year, folks), and use over 23,000 44 oz. cans of sorghum molasses.

Oh my, were they yummy!!

And I successfully caught both of them…

And you should see their cinnamon rolls – almost as big around as my head (and some days I’m told I have a pretty big head…)


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