Shiner, Texas

I’m not much of a beer drinker but I do enjoy an occasional “cold one”.  I don’t drink enough to be able to discern one brand from another and pretty much limit my opinion to “I like it” or “I don’t”.

Prior to my “Texas Loop” trip I had, on a few occasions, enjoyed a cold Shiner Bock and it is solidly on my “like” list.  I was therefore delighted to learn that, with a small route variation, I’d be able to visit and tour the K. Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas where Shiner Bock is made.

May 16, 2016

After spending 3 days and nights in Houston I set out to travel 2 hours and 45 minutes west to where I would ultimately stay in the little town of Buda.  My plan for the next 7 days was to visit Austin and San Antonio, which are about 80 miles apart in south-central Texas. I originally booked an Airbnb for the full week in San Marco which is almost exactly halfway between Austin and San Antonio so that I’d have the flexibility to go to either one based on weather or specific things I wanted to see. Unfortunately that reservation was cancelled prior to my arrival and I was forced to make other arrangements and stay in Buda instead (which is closer to Austin).  The original Airbnb host was very apologetic that he had to cancel the reservation for a reason beyond his control, which I fully understood.  I ended up staying with a very nice family in Buda so it all worked out just fine.


The brewery, named for founder Kosmos Spoetzl, a Bavarian immigrant, is the largest independent brewery in the state of Texas.






In addition to the free plant tour I enjoyed 3 of the 4 complimentary glasses (small, 4 oz. glasses) of various Shiner brands I was offered (I was obviously driving so I chose to pass on the 4th glass), and of course visited the gift shop where I purchased some Shiner swag.

I drove through the town of Shiner, a very nice little town, before heading northwest to Lockhart for lunch and on to Buda to get settled in for the week.



In Lockhart I had an amazing lunch at a highly recommended barbecue restaurant.  Most of those venues in Texas offer you a choice of brisket, ribs or spicy sausage and in all cases I chose one of each.  Believe me, Texans know how to make all three!

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