The road to Cody

Sunday I stayed in to make some more blog posts, organize and backup my photos and watch the NASCAR races from Charlotte in real time (which were on two hours earlier since I am in Mountain Time Zone). Monday I made some local scenic drives in the immediate Lander area and there was nothing remarkable to show (although they were very nice). Tuesday I headed up to Cody WY to attend the rodeo that night. It was my second “overnight” trip and I booked an Airbnb in the little town of Powell, about 30 miles east of Cody.

The drive up was scenic and pleasant. I drove through Wind River Canyon again (if you didn’t look at that post you should. WordPress shows me how many times a post has been viewed and that post, as well as the one of Thermopolis, haven’t had any viewers, although there are a few people who I believe look at everything I post). Here are some more photos from Wind River Canyon taken at a different time of day than the ones I posted previously:

I also spotted some folks rafting down the Wind River, which I learned flows south to north and not the other way around.

I continued north and eventually drove through the little town of Meeteetse, “Where Chiefs Meet”.

The bar’s motto is a takeoff on the town’s motto. In addition to establishments for adults I was pleased to see a facility geared towards underage individuals, giving them a much needed place to go on their own:

It wasn’t open when I was there but inside I could see pinball and other arcade games, a foosball table and other things kids could do for entertainment.

Down at the corner I found this bear, patiently waiting to have his picture taken with someone:

Bear spray not needed in this instance…

I finally arrived in Cody. I posted some photos of smoke from two wildfires I saw, which both turned out to be in nearby Montana, previously. I drove west of town to check out the rodeo grounds:

The rodeo didn’t start until 8pm and you will see lots more photos in subsequent posts.

Next I drove east to check in at my Airbnb since I knew I wouldn’t be getting there until late in the evening. These are some mountains I saw off to my right as I drove towards Powell:

I arrived at my Airbnb and while my hostess was showing me where my room was her young son came in and stood next to her. I said “Hi, I’m John” and he proudly held up four fingers and proclaimed “I’m four”! In subsequent interrogation I learned that he had just turned four in May, that he had created some of the chalk drawings I had seen on their driveway, and that his name is Brodie – which he carefully air-spelled: B-r-o-d-i-e. NOT Brody like Cody, but Brodie. I got their joint permission to show his handiwork on the blog:

This is Brodie on his bike:

This is Brodie running through the sprinkler:

This is an airplane (I figured that one out on my own):

And though he didn’t explain what this one was I’m thinking maybe dinosaur?

His mother had some drawings of her own but I’ll let Brodie keep the spotlight.

Next post – my night at the rodeo. Cowboy Up!!