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Back on September 17, while staying in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I drove in to the Detroit suburb of Dearborn to visit “The Henry Ford”, a museum dedicated to invention and innovation which is operated by the Ford Motor Company.  One of my younger brothers had visited the museum a few years ago and told me it is amazing.  I will post pictures from the museum itself starting tomorrow but first I want to show you Greenfield Village, a historic community adjacent to the museum which reminded me very much of Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia.  It opened to the public in 1933. 

The Village is a large area, beautifully landscaped, with wide streets and many homes and buildings which were originally built in other parts of the world but were deconstructed, transported to the Village and rebuilt.  There is a separate entry fee for the Village but if you ever get up to Dearborn I highly recommend that you make time to go through it.

There were several modes of transportation available in the Village.  I walked through it but some people paid extra to ride horse-drawn carriages, Model T cars or historic buses.  There is also a train which takes riders around the perimeter of the Village, which sits on about 90 acres.











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