Rimouski to Rivière-du-Loup, QC

August 14, 2019

Here are things I saw various places as I completed my drive west along the northern edge of the Gaspé Peninsula.  I would be spending the night in Rivière-du-Loup before continuing on to Québec City.

This is apparently a work in progress.  It appears that the owners are methodically renovating and painting these little cottages:


This was the lone cargo ship I saw on the St. Lawrence River on Wednesday!  I always thought the St. Lawrence was a very busy shipping channel but perhaps Mr. T’s tariffs have caused international shipping to grind to a halt.


This was a trailer located outside a high-end cheese shop (showing the business end of the cows):


This is the lighthouse at Pointe-au-Père:





And since this property is managed by Parks Canada there are, or course, the red chairs:


And the view from said chairs:


And finally, a submarine located at the same property as the lighthouse:




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