Ottawa – Parliament – Other buildings

August 22, 2019

I can save lots of time and condense several of the other buildings of the Parliament complex in this one post.


This building, seen to the right when looking at Centre Block from the front of the complex, was undergoing major repair and renovation so I didn’t take too many photos.

This is the back as seen from Major’s Hill Park:


This is the main view as seen from the plaza in front of the Parliament complex:





This building, as well as the next two, are located further to the southwest from West Block along Wellington Street.



There was a PPS security vehicle near the rear of this building on Thursday when I was in town.  Shortly after I took this photo a motorcade approached the complex from the center of town.  There would be another motorcade through town later in the day.  At some point during the day the mayor of Montreal appeared at the Parliament complex to accept a large “check” from the Prime Minister to establish a new museum in that city.  I don’t know what effect, if any, that visit might have had on Parliament tours during the day.



Further southwest on Wellington Street from the Confederation Building is the Justice Building:


And near the Justice Building, but not shown on the Parliament complex map, is the Supreme Court building:



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