Ottawa – Garden of the Provinces…

August 22, 2019

… and Territories.

Wednesday morning I walked further down Wellington Street, southwest from the Parliamentary complex, to this city park.  This project is an attempt to illustrate the vast differences in the provinces and territories of Canada.  There are several areas with large flower and grass plantings to physically represent certain regions.  There is also a large courtyard and engraved in the substantial stone “railing” are the names of the various jurisdictions and below the name a depiction of that jurisdiction’s official flower.





I won’t show them all because the display seems to be incomplete.  Perhaps this park is still “under construction” there was no indication that there was more to come.  Although I didn’t count them it didn’t seem that I saw all provinces represented, though most were.  Of particular interest was this area of the courtyard, way off in a back corner:



The name “Newfoundland” is not centered, especially if they plan to add “and Labrador” to correctly reflect the true name of that province.  There also appears to be room for expansion to perhaps add another province or territory.  I’ll have to go back to this park next year when I return to Ottawa to see if any changes have occurred.

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