Ottawa – Parliament (next 6 posts)

The next 6 posts contain pictures taken at the Parliament complex in Ottawa.  I started with the two buildings of which I had taken the most pictures and they appeared first so they are now below the subsequent posts if you are scrolling down through the blog.  If this is the first “Parliament” post you are seeing you may want to jump to the Overview post to see a map of the area and learn more about my “backwards” posting logic before revisiting the other posts.

Something I didn’t mention in any of those posts is the “Northern Lights” show which takes place nightly, July through September, on the Parliament grounds.  This has nothing to do with the “real” Northern Lights, a natural phenomenon whose presence is unpredictable but is a light show of laser projections on the main Parliament building, including the Peace Tower.

I didn’t observe this show personally but did see these posters while I was in town.





I did find a 3-minute video on YouTube with part of the display which was put on back in 2017 and I presume there are probably others.

While I still have a few more things to post from Ottawa I am now finished with the Parliament buildings.

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