Toronto – Bata Shoe Museum Display

August 25, 2019

When I was in northern Toronto Sunday evening I walked past this museum and noticed an impressive display in their windows.  I tried taking my own photos, both Sunday evening and again on Monday but there are two reasons why they are not blogworthy – 1) since they were taken during the day the reflection in the windows of what was behind me is too much of a distraction, and 2) what I was seeing was best viewed from a distance.  I don’t want the creativity behind the display to go unmentioned, though, so I have downloaded a few photos I found online and will post two of my own at the end.

The display I am talking about, called “In Full Bloom,” was created back in 2017 to help celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.  Students from the Department of Architectural Science at Ryerson University put together a display of the official flowers of Canada’s various provinces and territories.  This display consists of over 2,000 shoes created on a 3-D printer in various colors.  When viewed from a distance the flower images are quite impressive.  The “flowers” are arranged left-to-right based on the location of each province or territory (west-to-east) in the country.

BataShoe twitter

(Photo credit:

BataShoeMuseum RemiCarreiro

(Photo credit: Remi Carreiro)

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(Photo credit:

The photo above is a prime example of the reflection in the upper right corner of the window distracting from the subject of the photo.

BataShoe museumnotes

(Photo credit:

The photo above is the first closeup which clearly shoes the solid-colored shoes which are used to create the image of a flower when viewed from a distance.

Bata TravelWithClem

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The two photos below were taken by me Sunday evening around 7pm.



When I went back to the museum Monday I went inside to ask if professional photos (postcards, perhaps) were available but was told they were not.


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