Welcome to the United States

August 27, 2019

Tuesday morning I left Toronto on a rainy, foggy morning and started my trek back to the United States.  I had a stop planned at an unusual spot a considerable distance northwest of town and did drive most of the way there, but as I was about to exit a major highway to a much smaller road there were signs warning of a road construction project which was to continue for many miles and that I was to expect MAJOR delays.  Given the weather and the fact that I still had to drive to Niagara Falls, and then to my brother’s house in northeast Ohio I decided to bail out and turned around.  Over the “off season” I will probably put together a post about the venue I didn’t make it to.

This was the scene when I arrived at the border crossing at Niagara Falls, NY:


I was able to pass through about a half-hour later without incident and the remainder of my trip went as planned.

I am going to make two more posts about my 7 weeks in Canada.  First, I promised to list three memorable things, places or impressions about each of the provinces I visited.  Second, I still have another Canadian Sign Language post to make so I might as well go out on a high note.

I am planning to return to many of the same spots in Canada again next year and I will put together a post with some of the reasons I want to go back so soon.

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