Signals from Space

This has nothing whatsoever to do with my trip but I want to give a quick shout out to scientists around the world who have been studying the origins and possible causes of FRB’s (Fast Radio Bursts) coming from galaxies far, far away. One of the first radio telescopes to detect FRB’s was the GBT, or Green Bank Telescope, located in Green Bank, West Virginia. One could say it was “instrumental” in their discovery (Oh, JohnBoy!).

(Photo credit:

This scope is one of many at the Green Bank Observatory (nee National Radio Astronomy Observatory) . Green Bank is practically adjacent to my mother’s home town of Arbovale and this scope (and others) can be seen from the cemetery where my grandparents and other members of my Mom’s family are resting in peace (and believe me, with the Observatory in town it is extremely peaceful). One of my uncles used to work at the Observatory as a telescope operator, and I would walk through the facility every time I went to Arbovale to visit relatives there.

(Photo credit: NRAO/AUVNSF)

To read an interesting article about Green Bank, and the influence the Observatory has in the area (which was featured in the New York Times several years ago), go to

I read online a few days ago that the Hubble Telescope has narrowed the source of some of these mysterious radio bursts to some spiral galaxies and I’ll bet that the operators of the GBT, as well as those at the Very Large Array telescopes in Socorro, New Mexico, operated by the same consortium of scientific groups, will be burning the midnight oil now that they know where to look to gather more data.

Search “Very Large Array” on the Home page to see my post about the Socorro facility from 2017.