Final days in Lander

As my time in Lander winds down I looked back through pictures from my time there and found some that I should have posted earlier. First, the iconic Grain Tower which is one of the first things one sees when driving into town from the south. I see this when I check the traffic cameras from Durham to see how much snow they’ve gotten during the winter months and I smiled the first time I laid eyes on it as I drove into town back on May 20 as I knew I had truly arrived!

And one of the many things I like about Lander is that many of the buildings in town have stickers in their window stating the historic significance of the building. Many of these buildings have a rich history.

This is the Noble Hotel, right on Main Street. It is one of many buildings now owned and inhabited by NOLS, the National Outdoor Leadership School, whose World Headquarters is located here. NOLS is where my brother and my nephew, Sam, work.

Their headquarters, which I have posted photos of previously, is on the street immediately behind the hotel, which they use as an education and meeting venue. In their HQ I found their “mission statement”:

When I visited the Pioneer Village (see previous post) and spoke with the ladies there they said that they hoped that when NOLS renovated the hotel for their use that the red furniture, which had been custom made for the hotel, was still being used. After taking these photos I returned there and assured them that the furniture was still intact.

This is something I passed every time I departed or returned home using the “south” route – tire tracks going up a steep, 45 degree incline. My brother said he has seen the person who evidently lived atop the hill zip up it in his (or her) Jeep like there was nothing to it!

These were baby chicks I saw at the Ace Hardware store in town the first time I went in to buy bird seed:

This is the official state logo, courtesy of the University of Wyoming in Laramie. This was part of a sign in front of a bank on Main Street:

And that image now adorns my car – in the rear window:

And this isn’t from Lander proper, but from nearby Riverton. I should have posted this on July 4 or Memorial Day…

And this was on the side of a building in little Hudson, between Lander and Riverton. Although I’ve lived in Pennsylvania most of my life I had no idea Sinclair is considered a “Pennsylvania Motor Oil”. This is how we learn…

I actually passed the town of Sinclair, and a Sinclair refinery, on Route 80 in southern Wyoming on my way to Lander, another reason I was surprised by the Pennsylvania reference. There are lots of Sinclair gas stations out west, many with a big green dinosaur somewhere on the property. I don’t recall seeing any on my recent visits to Pennsylvania and will have to keep an eye out on my way back east in late August.

I went back and did get some photos at “Lander Llamas”

And it is fitting that I end with a photo taken on my last night in Lander (for now…???). The town moved the performance stage from behind the Chamber of Commerce downtown to City Park, a popular multi-use park. The night I left was the first free concert at the new location and judging by the attendance, it was the right choice. Great music from a very good local band and a chance to spend a final evening with Steve, Jen, Sam and, of course, Ellie.

There were lots more people there than shown. I took this photo to send to Sam to show him where we were sitting in relation to the stage.

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