20,534 miles traveled

I am back home from my latest trip, having arrived in North Carolina almost a week ago. I have unpacked my car (it was so full that I think people in Walmart parking lots and various gas stations thought I was living in it), finally got the car washed (BADLY needed) and enjoyed a few days of pleasant weather just sitting on my porch. Durham has had an extremely hot summer but it took a break the day after I got back and we’ve had cool mornings and less humid afternoons. The heat and humidity are back now so I will be reviewing and posting photos from the remainder of my trip from the comfort of my apartment.

I will start at the end – I visited some family members and friends in the northeast on my way home and my next-to-last stop included a visit from one of my friends family members and their two dogs. My friends were preparing for a party at their new “tiki bar” and I was tasked with entertaining the dogs while they were busy working. I mostly sat in the back yard throwing balls of various sizes which the dogs retrieved and returned (more or less) to me.

They were tireless, despite my pleas to “take a break” periodically. Towards the end I did manage to wear them down a bit and they did sleep for short periods, although when they were awake they insisted on playing some more.

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