Freedom Fries & more Sign Language

August 15, 2019

Shortly before I arrived in Forestville, where I would turn around to start heading back towards Québec City, I saw this sign in front of a gas station/convenience store.


It was mid-afternoon and I hadn’t eaten lunch so after I stopped briefly in Forestville I pulled behind the gas station on my way back south and parked near a little trailer.

Canadians seem to love Freedom Fries (I’m going to thumb my nose at Québec province by NOT calling them F—– Fries).  Canadians call them, simply, Frites.


This little trailer is apparently parked here full time as they had an enclosed seating area right next to it which even had frickin’ wifi!!


When I had parked my car at the far end of several others and was walking towards the red trailer I noticed this sign:


I’m assuming the local fire fighters already know where their water source options are located (at least I hope they don’t drive around aimlessly looking for signs!) so I suppose this is to discourage people from parking in a manner which blocks access to the water source – a supposition which appears to be lost on the customers of this food trailer:


Evidently they haven’t seen my post from St. John’s, Newfoundland which showed images of fire hoses running through illegally parked vehicles…



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