Local critters?

August 15, 2019

Further up the road I stopped at this little nature center.  The sign out front means “Marsh” and “Salt” so I presume these are critters found locally in a salty marsh.  The word “Ouvert” means Open in French.


The language barrier struck for the second time in the same day.  Earlier I had a verbal exchange via smartphone-interpretation with a gentleman at a Visitor Center who didn’t speak English.  That is what prompted me to ask my friend in Durham for guidance selecting apps for my phone to help me communicate, though that didn’t actually get completed until a day or two later.

I asked the woman inside of there was an admission fee.  She didn’t understand.  I took a $5 bill out of my wallet and she said “Change?”.  No, I indicated via hand gestures downward meaning “pay to be here?”.  No, she said.

I proceeded to walk around the small museum/interpretive center.  There were many photos on the wall, all taken by the same person.  I started taking pictures of them with my phone and didn’t hear any objection from the woman.  When I was done I took a closeup of the Copyright notice which appeared on each photo, a) to acknowledge that I knew I was photographing something which was protected, and b) to inquire if she was perhaps the photographer.  Again she indicated no and didn’t voice any objection to the fact that I had taken them.

So here are pictures of pictures, all taken and copyrighted by the same person, Yves Fabe.  I included the name of the critter in each photo.  If you wish you may download the Reverso app to figure out what each sign says.














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