Up where the air is rare, baby…

August 15, 2019

When I reached Tadoussac I had a short wait before being able to board the ferry for the short trip back across the Saguenay River.  I was one of the first few cars in line and was delighted that when I was instructed to drive on to the ferry the man who pointed to the lane I was supposed to occupy indicated I was to drive up on to the ramp above all the other vehicles!!



The bad news was that since I was first in that line I had to drive all the way down the ramp at the other end and park sloping downward:




Here was the view looking east towards the St. Lawrence River as we crossed the Saguenay River:


And here is a kid gazing out the window at the “other” ferry as we crossed:


There is something else that happened as I approached the ferry but I’ll save it for another post.  I proceeded south to Québec City and arrived there a little before dark without any further excitement.

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