Posting logic – Québec/Ottawa/Boat trip/Toronto

September 7, 2019

Real time.   No photos, yet…

I have reviewed the photos from my first full day in Québec City.  It looks like I will be posting over 120 (yikes!).

Rather than trying to split them up into similar things with descriptive titles I think I will post them in groups of around 10-12 pictures each in the order they were taken.  That will give the viewer the best feel for what I saw and in what sequence.  I will post BACKWARDS – with the end of the day posting first and the beginning of the day last.  This will, as the posts are examined in the top to bottom order on the blog, put them in chronological order.  For this reason you will see Québec-Day 1-Post 10/10, then 9/10, etc.  You may look at them in any order you wish but you may want to wait until they are all posted as I may make reference to something I saw earlier in the day in “subsequent” posts.

I hope to have them all done by the end of the day Saturday but I have a pretty busy day planned.  It is a beautiful day in Durham post-Dorian and I do want to spend some time out on my deck until it gets hot after lunch.






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