Québec – Day 1 – Post 6 of 12

August 16, 2019

Here are more things I saw Friday as I walked around “Old City”:

There was a park with statues or busts of many notable world leaders.  As I took this all I could think about was the movie Fight Club (which for some odd reason is one of my favorite movies).  If you’ve seen the movie you should remember how Gandhi factors in to it.


This is part of the massive stone fortification which surrounds Vieux-Québec (Old City):









And I realize that the photo below is terrible.  I took it while eating lunch after I realized that if I had been there earlier in the day I’d literally have been in the shadow of Château Frontenac hotel, perhaps the most photographed building in the city.


I selected this restaurant for lunch because as I was walking past the entrance I saw that one of their daily specials was French onion soup.  I had certain foods which I wanted to enjoy while I was here and I had somehow left French onion soup off the list.  I ordered escargot as a remembrance of the first time I ever had it while in Québec 30 years ago, and a Grand Marnier sour.  I often enjoy “sours” and I love Grand Marnier but I had never put the two together.  It was yummy, but I think Grand Marnier is best enjoyed straight up.  And I need to learn how to make escargot at home.  The ingredients are pretty basic, though I need to find a source of quality, edible snails, and I can’t think you need to be a rocket scientist to assemble it.  Hell, if you put enough butter and garlic on it I could be eating Silly Putty for all I know (especially after a few Grand Marnier sours)….

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