Québec – Day 1 – Post 7 of 12

August 16, 2019

Here are more things I saw Friday as I walked around “Old City”:

The first two photos represent a dilemma I sometimes face when trying to photograph a large building in close quarters.  I often can’t get far enough back to get a good “horizontal” shot and the “vertical” shot doesn’t indicate just how big the building is.  These shots were also diminished in quality because I was facing towards the sun (even though I was in the shade).






The photo below is of a piece of art which was a gift to the city.  I took a photo of the plaque explaining the gift but it is blurry and I can’t read it!  One reason I “usually” take duplicate photos…


You’ve already seen the building with the red roof in the photo below.  I took this because it shows the steeples of Notre Dame Basilica in the background.


Still searching for that perfect holiday gift (to give or suggest for yourself)??  How about musical spoons!  Collect all 11!!



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