Québec – Day 3 – Post 1 of 7

August 18, 2019

Sunday morning, after having walked around Québec City the two previous days, I decided to use my car to drive to two local venues I wanted to see.  First stop, Parc Nationale de la Jacques-Cartier, about a half hour north of the city.

If you’ve been keeping up with my sporadic posting you may recall that in my rage I posted about what happened there in real time when I got back to my Airbnb that afternoon (search for “How about if we call a spade a spade” on the Home Page or use the calendar grid there to go back to August 18, 2019).  Let’s just say things didn’t go well and JohnBoy went somewhat ballistic, then stewed about it for a few hours.

One thing I didn’t address in that post was my attempt to even get to the goofy Park using my new and relatively untested GPS 4.0.  I had looked up the address for the Park before leaving my Airbnb and given the way my new Garmin GPS accepts data I entered what I thought was the correct address.  She took me to a residential area about 10 miles away from the actual entrance.  After I made my last turn before she announced “You have arrived” I encountered this young girl standing in the middle of the road.


(That photo was taken while at a full stop, Shawn).

After I interpreted the sign she was holding I swerved left and ran her over.

JUST KIDDING!  It looks like she would have bounced right back up anyway.

I went back to a Tim Hortons I had passed after getting off the highway exit I had taken and got on their wifi to get a new address.  You can read in my previous post what transpired next.


After visiting venue 2 for the day (see the next 6 posts immediately following this one) I went back to my Airbnb to calm down.  One thing which helped keep my mind from revisiting the Park experience was getting online to research Canadian Highway Signs to use in future “Sign Language” posts.  I found one of the provincial Driver’s Manuals and combed through just under 2,300 pictures of various signs (152 pages with 15 on a page.  There were only about 7 on the last page, including the pooping dog I posted the day I entered Québec province.  They saved the best for last!).

Now that I’ve posted all my photos from Québec City I will put together another Canadian Sign Language post.  This one will only include signs I have actually seen.  Eventually I will post some of the ones I saw in the Driver’s Manual but didn’t ever see in real life.  I also have some from the US and other parts of the world I have either seen in person or found online.



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