Québec – Day 3 – Post 2 of 7

August 18, 2019

After my upsetting experience at the National Park which wasn’t a National Park I shifted my attention to the second venue on my agenda for the day.  These are the amazing Montmorency Falls just east of Québec City.  I had actually driven right past this on my way in to town a few days earlier but it was tucked back in behind a mountain so I had no idea it was here.


This place is incredible and totally got my mind off the events of the morning!

There are several things to talk about here and I’ll address each one in a separate post.  First, the falls themselves.  There are three different waterfalls in the photo above, the most obvious carrying the bulk of the water flowing down the Montmorency River.  The main fall is 272 feet high, 99 feet taller than Niagara Falls.

To the left is a smaller fall and to the left of it an even smaller one.

Here is a photo of all three (without the stairway to the right)


And each one individually:




And while I was going through the various shots I took to decide which ones to post I discovered that I inadvertently captured a seagull in flight in one of my closeups:


Better to be lucky than good…



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