Québec – Day 3 – Post 3 of 7

August 18, 2019

One way to get to the top of Montmorency Falls, just east of Québec City, is to ride a ski-lift-like tram:




Once at the top you may walk over the Montmorency River on a bridge:


And you may also walk across another bridge way off to the right of the falls to where they launch the people who paid to zipline back across the falls.


I didn’t go up there so I don’t know if the top of the stairs connects back to the zipline launch area or not (in which case you could ride the tram up and walk down the stairs).

The cost for the tram:  $ 14.25 CAD one-way or $ 16.75 round-trip.  You must also pay for access to the park (I paid $ 12.50 CAD to park and walk in).  Multiply CAD by roughly .75 to get US dollars.

And before you commit to riding the tram, here was the line (granted it was Sunday afternoon at around 12:45pm local time):





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