1,000 Islands – Digital – Post 1 of 4

August 23, 2019

Friday, as I traveled between Ottawa and Toronto, I stopped to take a boat tour of this portion of the St. Lawrence River, part of which is actually a Canadian National Park (a real Canadian National Park…).   These were taken with my digital camera during the first hour and a half of a 2 1/2 hour boat ride, after which I was informed by my camera that the SD card on which the photos are stored was FULL (after being put into service only 3 weeks previously!).  For the final hour I took photos with my smartphone and will post those photos (not as many) in another set of posts.

My boat trip started and ended in Gananoque, (pronounced gannon-AQUA) Canada, on the right side of the map below.


Many of the tour boats operate from the New York side of the river but my pre-trip research indicated that the boat company I used was the best.  We basically made a huge counter-clockwise loop – heading west towards Toronto, turning left towards New York State and left again to go back east near the US mainland and eventually turning around again and returning to Gananoque on the Canadian side of the river.  We spent part of the time in Canadian waters and part is US waters.  As you may have guessed, the area is called 1,000 Islands because there are LOTS of islands, some quite large, some only big enough to build a small house on (and I mean that quite literally, as you will see) and some not even big enough for a house, except maybe a plastic Barbie house.

These photos are posted in the order in which they were taken and continue over the next 3 posts.



The photo below is of a ship similar to, but slightly smaller than, the ship I was on.  If some of these photos look familiar it is because a few were posted in a “real-time” post the day after I took this ride in a post titled “The best $29 (USD) I ever spent”, a teaser post to give a brief overview of what I had done during part of my day.


The photo below is of the first of many houses I saw built on small islands.







One of the pros of the house shown above – the leaves probably just float away rather than needing to be raked.  One of the cons – you’d better have curtains on your windows if you want any privacy…..


The photo below is the view we had much of the time – navigating between the larger islands.  I had snagged an outside bench seat in the front of our ship and was able to take most of these photos by standing and holding my camera up above the people on my deck.  Fortunately I have a viewing screen which tilts downward so I can see what my camera “sees”.



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