1,000 Islands – Digital – Post 2 of 4

August 23, 2019

Friday, as I traveled between Ottawa and Toronto, I stopped to take a boat tour of this portion of the St. Lawrence River, part of which is actually a Canadian National Park (a real National Park…).   These were taken with my digital camera during the first hour and a half of a 2 1/2 hour boat ride, after which I was informed by my camera that the SD card on which the photos are stored was FULL (after being put into service only 3 weeks previously!).  For the final hour I took photos with my smartphone and will post those photos (not as many) in the next set of posts.

These are posted in the order in which they were taken.



Same house and island, from another angle:


We would eventually go under the bridge in the distance before circling around and passing under it again on our way back to where we started.  The bridge you see connects US Interstate Highway 81 in New York State to Canada.


The houses in the photo below are in New York State, on the US mainland.  Subsequent photos continue to show houses located on small islands.






And here’s the hot setup… a deck built out over top of your boats (to protect them from the sun and elements).


We snuck up on the folks in this small powerboat…


Once they realized we were approaching the captain hit the throttle.


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