Canadian Sign Language – Part 3

October 14, 2019

Canadians love pictures on their road signs.  My previous posts on this topic were comprised mainly of signs which I had seen during my trip.  Where practical, I took the photos I posted but there were times that for some reason I couldn’t, or I thought perhaps I would see the sign again and didn’t.  In those situations I tried to find photos online and when that method didn’t immediately lead me to find a suitable replacement I got desperate in my quest and started searching driver’s manuals for certain provinces.

I looked at more photos of actual road signs online than I care to remember but did make it a point to save some memorable or humorous signs.  Here are more examples with my own interpretations:


Armpit-sniffing at next exit?


Cow-cloning at next exit?


Giant bong at next exit?


Nude beach

That one’s accurate!


I have no idea – but that image was actually in a driver’s manual…


Again – I have no idea.  Perhaps just a math quiz or something to distract you from the fact that there is a speed trap ahead….


Safety Stop Ahead – I hope you brought doughnuts or you may get a ticket…


Congratulations – You just won the Indianapolis 500!!

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