On the road again!! Yay!

I am heading back out on the road May 18 for two or three months (or more) in the western US (and British Columbia if Canada changes their mind about letting Americans in). Details on the new Heading page of the blog!

New and improved versus old and faded (like me!!)

8 thoughts on “On the road again!! Yay!”

    1. Thanks, Toni. Haven’t planned my itinerary yet but will work on it when I get to Wyoming. I just hope the places I want to go aren’t too crazy. Everyone wants to get out and about.


  1. I’ve been thinking about you and wondering if you dropped off the face of the earth. We met you in Ferndale CA two years ago.


  2. Yes, I remember you! Great to hear from you. I am soooo excited to be traveling again. I will still take reasonable precautions but am tired of being cooped up for a year! I’m afraid EVERYONE will be having the same idea and expect the National Parks to be packed.


  3. Left this morning from Oriental. Thankfully no gas problems en route. Am here near Floyd VA for two nights, then headed west.

    Where are you?

    — Anne P



    1. First night in Evansville Indiana. Tomorrow to Elm Creek NE, then Thursday to Lander WY. Will be based there until June 24th-ish.


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