Getting to Lander (locally)

OK, so I’ve explained how I got here from North Carolina. Now, from where I am temporarily living I have two choices on how to get into town. Lander is a small town of about 7,400 people. It’s Main Street is oriented northwest to southeast.

When I leave the house I go down to the “main” road – a two lane paved road which meanders through the countryside. There I can turn left and it is a short drive which takes me to the central part of town (9th Street or 5th Street depending on which street I take), or right, which is a longer route and takes me to the northwest side of town, by the high school. Since arriving I have taken the shorter route in and out but yesterday I took the longer route and drove in to town to walk up and down the 12 or so blocks of Main Street.

Here are some of the views I experienced today (some photos taken on the way in, some on the way home, in no particular order). First, a two-shot panorama – left to right:

As I took the photo above, this is the rock formation towering above me to my left (I was driving back home). A three shot panorama, I was directly under the rocks in the second photo.

Here is a little bit closer look at the mountains in the distance:

And on the way in to town this was my last stop before reaching Main Street:

In town there were photos of the graduating seniors on banners all along Main Street.

Go Tigers!!

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