Nezperce, Idaho (the town)

This post is about Nezperce (the town) as opposed to Nez Perce (the Native American tribe). The tribe plays a HUGE role in the history of the area and I will address it in a future post. The town of about 500 residents is located just southeast of the current reservation and apparently has nothing to do with the tribe itself. Curiously the town and (much of) the reservation are located in Lewis County while the “headquarters” of the tribe is located in the town of Lapwai which is in Nez Perce County, immediately to the west of Lewis County.

I kind of stumbled upon the town as I was out driving through farmland north of Grangeville. I saw a sign for it and I knew the name from previous trips out west.

Much of the farmland in Idaho is for growing potatoes (this IS Idaho after all…). I believe the green field in the photo below is potatoes.

That I expected, but I was surprised at the number of fields in this region where canola is grown. As you will see, canola fields are a very impressive yellow in color.

I finally arrived in little Nezperce. By the way, the town (and the tribe) are pronounced NAY pear-SAY. The town name is presented as one word but the tribe is two words.

And this is the arena where they undoubtedly hold rodeos and such:

I drove through town (it didn’t take long!) and when I turned around to head back out the way I came in I noticed this piece of artwork in someone’s front yard:

If you zoom in you will see that the horse is made completely of old horseshoes welded together! Very clever and impressive. Later in my trip I would see a pickup truck in New Mexico which belonged to an artist who constructs such pieces of art.

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