Colorado National Monument (part 1 of 2)

Friday morning I went to have my wheel alignment checked and get a part I needed from the Nissan dealer in town. After that I decided to revisit Colorado National Monument which is just outside of Grand Junction, Colorado. I had been here a few years ago but that was a last minute decision and I made a quick drive through before heading out of town to my next destination. It also let me utilize my new-found “panorama” skills on a few of the photos. It was going to be a nice day (only in the 80’s after a run of 100+ degree days) and I had the rest of the day since I was staying in town.

The Monument consists of a 23-mile drive around the top of a curved canyon (well, half a canyon – it is open on the other side). This lets the viewer look down into a variety of different sets of rock formations. I started my drive mid-day so it was ideal having the sun almost directly above me. The road along the top of the Monument curves along the southwest corner, facing the interstate highway to the northeast.

One thought on “Colorado National Monument (part 1 of 2)”

  1. Love those rocks! Iā€™m adding this spot to my next time list.

    I am home. And missing my 16ā€™ space!šŸ˜. Ellie, however, loves her yard.

    When do you return?

    ā€” Anne P



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