Evening in Breckenridge

I tried and tried to get the settings on my phone correct. This is extremely exaggerated but makes the point that as the sun was setting Main Street was getting darker but the mountain to the south was still in bright sunshine.

And this is looking towards the west over the lake behind my hotel.

Went up to get coffee for the morning (so I can just heat it in the microwave while watching my morning news program). Got back to the room just in time to catch the kickoff for Eagles at Panthers.  


My morning in “Breck”

I’m living like a local now.  Well, for 24 hours at least.

900a, dressed in layers (it got down to 34 degrees overnight) I walked up the street for my coffee fix. I bought a stainless steel thermal mug so most convenience stores only charge a dollar for refills AND I get to use my preferred creamer.

Next, I walked around exploring Main Street and a few side streets (the sunny side of the street). I ate my way back to the villa and scoped out my Happy Hour options. By the time I got checked in and got oriented last night I missed out on HH. I don’t plan to make that mistake again. My goal is to spend less on food and drink all day than I did for dinner last night (though it was worth every penny).

Breckenridge is one of the largest and most popular ski areas in the country, maybe even the world.  It is massive.

I am staying below the 9 on the map below. The big hotels are at the south end of Main Street left is south). It is a short walk from my particular hotel to the Quicksilver Super Chairlift.

I am making these posts with my phone. Breck has a strong 4G Verizon signal everywhere, even in the villa.