May the 4th be with you!

No photo.

Happy “Star Wars” Day!  I thought this would be a good time to bring everyone up to date on my plan for this year’s Big Trip.  I leave Durham next week, on Wednesday, May 9.  I drive to Nashville, Topeka and Breckenridge where I will spend a week at a timeshare property.  The weekend of May 19 I will be in Colorado Springs for my nephew’s college graduation.

My experience with timeshare properties is that they have do not have very good wifi security so I generally don’t use it while staying there (hence no posting).  I will be spending much of my time in Colorado Springs with family members.  For those reasons I probably won’t start posting pictures until May 22, although I may be able to sneak a few in before then.

This year I will be spending some more time in Colorado and southern Utah (mainly visiting 3 National Parks which got little or no attention last year) before moving on to California, where I will be spending much of the summer.  I already have my schedule planned through July 9th, when I will be near San Francisco.  After that I will continue on to several sites in northern California before driving up the coasts of Oregon and Washington.  I’m not sure yet where I will go after that.  I may linger out by the west coast for a while longer or I may head east up near the Canadian border.  My original plan was to visit Alaska this year but that has been postponed.

I will pay close attention to wildfires and other issues which may alter my plans.

I am excited about this year’s trip and will start sharing pictures and stories soon.  I still plan to post pictures from prior trips after I return from this trip – honest!!.  I apologize for not doing that over the winter but I will try to continue the posting momentum when I get home rather than taking a break, which was part of my downfall last year.