While you’re waiting….

Let’s reset my little contest from last year.

It hasn’t happened yet but I can definitely see the potential. Guess the date when JohnBoy will get bitten by something (other than something common like a mosquito, chiggers or fire ants). $20 goes to the person who makes the closest correct guess. Double or nothing IF you also correctly guess if the offender will be bigger or smaller than a breadbox. Snakes, other than anacondas, count as smaller.

Ties are broken by time of day. If one person guesses the 6th of a month and someone else guesses the 8th, and the event occurs on the 7th then if it is before noon 6 wins, otherwise 8 wins (unless either or both are negated by a size wager). Specific dates or scenarios only.

One entry per person, no purchase required, void where prohibited, you need not be present to win, no age restriction. Pets, children and Airbnb hosts don’t count as the offender. Once a date or scenario is chosen it is not available to others.

I believe “comments” are open for 14 days after I post this. I am in Southwest Utah for 4 nights, then Pahrump, Nevada for 4 (when I will be spending most of my time in Death Valley), then Joshua Tree in southern CA for 4, then I alternate between the coast and inland at various National Parks in California.

Contest ends if event occurs, or when I show up in Cincinnati to visit my nephew (probably mid to late September). Click on Comments to see what other people have guessed.

Closest CORRECT guess (not negated by bigger/smaller if you elect to take a gamble and weigh in on that) wins.

Good luck!!

Yet ANOTHER Delay!!!

I am so sorry to tell you this but there will be another delay (hopefully only one more day) in posting.  Yesterday, while at my second surprise venue, my Canon digital camera started acting up.  When I got home I tried finding a solution online, and charged the battery and tried using the camera again, but to no avail.  I ended up going out and buying a Nikon camera to replace it.  I didn’t get to bed until almost midnight local time.

I haven’t even owned the Canon a year, and have taken over 12,000 photos with it (over 300 just yesterday) – most of them using the built-in zoom lens.  I bought it in Bozeman, Montana last year shortly after starting my trip 4th of July and it failed the Monday of Memorial Day weekend this year.  I can hear the gears which extend the zoom lens clicking and evidently they are made of plastic and are difficult to replace.  I will have to sent it off for repairs but can’t let my blog peeps down.  I need a camera TODAY for the 3rd surprise venue which I plan to visit before leaving Grand Junction and driving down to Cedar City, Utah for my 3-night stay down there.

I will post my overdue photos when I get to Cedar City – I PROMISE!!  Thank you for your patience.