Mormon Temples

Thursday while I was in St. George, Utah to see the Mormon Temple there I spoke with two young ladies in the Temple Visitor Center.  When I told them I was staying up in Cedar City they asked me if I had seen the Temple there.  Before leaving Friday morning to go back down to St. George to get better photos of that Temple (in the morning sun) I looked up the address of the Temple in Cedar City.  It is across town from where I am staying and, once I knew what it looked like, I could see it sitting high on a hill on the other side of the interstate.

Cedar City:



St. George:



I had a very nice conversation with a couple sitting outside the Temple who were waiting to attend a wedding there (I wondered why there were so many people around at 9 o’clock in the morning).  They were interested in hearing about my trip and shared some insights on other Mormon Temples and a celebration/ceremony which occurs annually up near where I stayed when I was in Southern Utah last year.

I have seen several Mormon Temples in my travels and they are always magnificent structures with beautifully landscaped grounds.


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