But it’s a dry heat…


Back home, in Durham NC, they have been experiencing a late-spring heat wave, with highs in the 90’s and humidity at or near 100%. I can tell you from experience that is NOT pleasant.

Yesterday, as I drove through Las Vegas on my way to my destination in Pahrump NV, it was 98 degrees in town and the humidity was only 7 percent!

My late aunt, who lived in Tucson AZ, always said “yes, but it’s still pretty darn hot when you get in your car and touch the steering wheel…”.


The photo (which I realize isn’t that great) is of the as Vegas skyline in the distance, and Las Vegas Motor Speedway (with the main grandstand facing away from you) in the foreground.  This photo was taken from the side of I-15 in the breaks between vehicles zipping by.

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