Red Rock Canyon

After visiting Valley of Fire State Park I drove through the city of Las Vegas (on the interstate) and headed west towards my destination of Pahrump, NV.  I made a side trip to drive on one of my “primary” scenic roads, which is what I base my trips on.

This Canyon is not to be confused with the Red Rock Casino, which is also west of Las Vegas, or the Red Rocks Amphitheater which is outside of Denver, Colorado.  This Red Rock Canyon is about 40 minutes southwest of Las Vegas off of Route 160.  It is a federal BLM (Bureau of Land Management) managed property which, in addition to many hiking trails, has a beautiful scenic roadway (newly paved, I might add) which meanders through it.  There were many overlooks where I could stop and take photos.

This is the view of one of the main formations from the Visitor Center:


Here is a three-photo panorama, looking left to right, once I got closer to it:




The colors and patterns, especially in the middle photo, were quite detailed.  There was a slight overcast and I have already learned that my new digital camera doesn’t do very well with closeups unless there is full sun.  This place is only about an hour away from where I am staying for a few nights and, depending on what progress I make visiting Death Valley, I may come back here one morning when there is full sun to get some good closeup shots.

Here is an unusual color combo:


And in another part of the Canyon the mountains looked very different from what I have seen most places:



And getting back to the Visitor Center for a moment, in addition to information about the Canyon they had a photography exhibit featuring the winners of a recent contest.  I found this photo especially appealing:


(Photo credit: James Resch, winner of the blue ribbon in his category)

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