Grand Junction, Colorado – Loose ends

When I was in Grand Junction over Memorial Day weekend I discovered that the city feature various pieces of art sculpture all over town.  These metal horse sculptures were in a traffic circle, of all places, as I got off the dreaded interstate on Horizon Drive.  There were a total of 5 horses, 4 full grown and one colt:



And I’ve decided what will be at the top of my list to-do the next time I am in Grand Junction.  When I went to the Visitor Center Saturday morning I saw a brochure for JetBoatColorado – which features a high-speed, daredevil type ride on the Colorado River not far from Grand Junction.  The company also offers a low-speed morning ride along the river to see many scenic views and various wildlife.


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I didn’t know about this in advance but may come back to do it some time.  They apparently also operate similar experiences other places so I may run into them somewhere else in my travels.

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