No photos (thankfully).

Sunday I made a big lap around Joshua Tree National Park on a series of scenic roads.  When I got to the east side and started driving north I was on a two-lane road, with many of the vehicles on the opposite side hauling various watercraft behind them.  I assume there must be a big lake nearby.  This was a stretch of road maybe 20 miles long which was dead straight.  Well, of course there had to be impatient drivers who were NOT hauling watercraft, and had to pass what they perceived to be slowpokes.

At one point I saw a car in my lane passing a bunch of southbound vehicles.  He was getting pretty close to me but finally ducked back in line.  Well, there was ANOTHER car behind him and by the time he could find a spot to get back in his lane we had almost collided.  That was the closest I have come to a head-on collision in a long time.  As the second car approached I had quickly reviewed my options (there were only two).  The speed limit was 65 so the closing rate was 130mph, and if I had gone off onto the shoulder – which was incredibly rocky and dangerous, that option probably wouldn’t have ended well either.

And not 5 minutes later it almost happened again as a car coming the other way swung out to pass, evidently not realizing how close I was, and quickly ducked back in line.  This time I had my left hand on my high-beam bar and flashed my lights at him so I could be sure he could see me.

Scary stuff.

It reminded me of a time last year when I played “chicken” with a State Trooper.  That time the trooper won (troopers almost always win) as he forced me off the road.  I’ll save that amusing JohnBoy story for another time.



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