Camarillo Ranch House

Tuesday afternoon I visited this house in Camarillo, CA, which was built in 1892.  The gentleman who originally lived here operated a ranch for 78 years, eventually transitioning from cattle to crops.  I got here too late in the day to tour the inside of the house (too nice of a day to be indoors anyway) but I mainly came to see the outside.





Curiously, the exterior of the third floor room was embedded with colored stones and glass:



And in the yard stands a HUGE pine tree (almost half-again as tall as the house), unlike any I have ever seen before:


It’s called a Bunya-Bunya pine tree, and was to the right of the house as I took the first photo of the house seen in this post, and there is another one immediately behind the house.  If you look very closely you’ll see a sign on the base of the tree which says “Warning – Beware of Falling Objects”!  Not very comforting…

And I hope of the tree ever comes down in it’s entirety that it doesn’t fall on the house!


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