Back home to Nipomo

After reaching the point on the PCH (northbound) where I could go no further I turned around and headed south, back to where I would spend my second night in Nipomo.


While some of these will look like I am still going north, I stopped at more vista points (overlooks) on the way back south.  Some of these photos are still looking north even though I was now driving south.  This was taken shortly after I began my retreat.  You can see parts of the road that I couldn’t get to and I believe the highest portion of land you can see jutting out into the ocean is the result of last year’s mudslide.






I found a spot where there were a few people windsurfing:



Further down the road I stopped at the Visitor Center for Hearst Castle.  I knew this was on my route but have no real desire to see it.  There are a variety of tours and many require going up lots of stairs, which my Fitbit would appreciate but my legs would not.  I tend to respect my leg’s wishes before my Fitbit’s.

The Castle itself sits way up on a hill overlooking the ocean.


There are lots more building up there.  I saw a postcard in the Gift Shop taken from the air and it is a huge complex.  Here is a photo I took of a picture in the Visitor Center.


Further down the road I found a spot where one person was windsurfing all by himself.  This person was really good, and kept going back and forth up the coast and in and out towards the shore.





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