General Grant Tree

Since I didn’t go see the General Sherman tree when I was in Sequoia National Park on Tuesday, here’s the next best thing.  This Giant Sequoia, located in Kings Canyon National Park, is named after General (and later President) Ulysses S. Grant.

At 267.4 feet in height it is just a tad shorter than General Sherman’s 274.9 feet.  This tree has a circumference of 107.6 feet (actually bigger than Sherman’s 102.6 feet) and has a bole volume (a botany term) of 46,608 cubic feet (less than Sherman’s 52,508 Cu Ft.).  It is still a mighty big tree.  I could actually get back far enough to fit it all in one picture:


Here is a photo to put it in size perspective (although if you look closely at the photo above you can see people to the left of the fence at the base):


And here are some other Giant Sequoias across the parking lot:


Here is a two shot panorama closer to the Grant tree (top to bottom):



And here are closer looks at the base and the bark:






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