Kings Canyon – Post 2 of 4

Here are photos taken Wednesday in both Sequoia National Forest and Kings Canyon National Park.

I still haven’t reached Kings Canyon National Park itself, but I can see it in the distance.


This is the South Fork of the Kings River which runs parallel to the Scenic Byway in many places.  With only still pictures it is hard to give you the sensation of the water cascading downstream.  I usually get a few video clips of waterfalls and rivers to record the full effect of their beauty but I can’t post them on the blog.

There were warning signs when I entered the Park that the water was very cold and very swift, and that swimming and rafting were not allowed.



This is Grizzly Falls.  There is a picnic area right in front of the falls and I commented to someone there that I hoped the grizzlies wouldn’t be picnicking on us!



And at 1230, two hours after my first “Oh wow” moment viewing the Canyons when starting my drive on the Kings Canyon Scenic Byway, I finally reached the entrance to Kings Canyon National Park – although I had driven less than 20 miles.





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