‘Tis the season…

No photos (and hopefully none forthcoming).

Wildfires are starting to appear on the maps and I will be keeping a close eye on them. There is one right now in the Ansel Adams Wilderness, on the opposite side of Yosemite from where I am. There is also the Pawnee Fire up near Ukiah CA, where I have an Airbnb reservation in about two weeks (although right now it isn’t very close to town). It started only a few days ago and is already over 13,000 acres. It is being shown on the news and the Weather Channel because it has grown so quickly and has already destroyed numerous structures.

I see CalFire, Forest Service and Park Service fire trucks everywhere (not firetrucks like you would see in your home town but pickup or utility trucks owned by those agencies), and when I have been driving on the three scenic routes just north of where I am staying I often see Rangers at overlooks, from which you can see across wide areas, scanning the landscape with binoculars.

I will be closer to the coast after I leave here, except when I go to northeastern California to visit Lassen Volcanic National Park although, as the people who live near the coast near Montecito CA will tell you, that doesn’t guarantee you are immune from the fire danger.

And with the upcoming July 4 holiday looming there are signs everywhere advising that fireworks are not legal and should not be used EVER.

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  1. Yikes. Wear your Smokey hat daily to remind people to be smart. Fourth of July can definitely be a dangerous time.


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