Shore Acres State Park – Birds

Tuesday I visited this Oregon State Park just south of Charleston.  I finally was able to track down two birds I have been keeping an eye out for (after having seen pictures of them on signs near overlooks), and had one unexpected visitor.

First, the Pigeon Guillemot.  I mainly saw these floating on the water.  At one point two of them stood on a rock but I didn’t have my digital camera with me.  Once I had it, they stayed in the water the rest of the time.  An interesting feature of these birds is that their feet are bright red and the inside of their mouth is the same color.





Here is a photo I found online:

PigeonGuillemot JacobDrucker

(Photo credit:  Jacob Drucker)

Next up – the Black Oystercatcher.  I have looked and looked in areas where I thought I’d find these distinctive birds with bright red bills and pink legs, both at low and high tide, and Tuesday I finally found one – way offshore on a rock formation.


Here are some better photos I found online:

Black_Oystercatcher DickDaniels

(Photo credit: Dick Daniels)

BlackOystercatcher TimFoltz

(Photo credit & copyright: Tim Foltz)

And finally, as I waited and waited for the first two to show up, this Belted Kingfisher landed on a rock down near the water close to the cliff where I was watching from:



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