Westport, Washington

Tuesday I drove up and spent a good part of the day in this harbor town a short distance from where I’m staying in Grayland, Washington.  As I determined shortly after I arrived, it is a big fishing port.  This was the part of the harbor I saw first, with almost all the boats docked being fishing boats of various sizes.



One of the largest I saw was the Sea Clipper, which appeared to be unloading it’s bounty.


It appeared that large conveyor belts were moving the fish to a series of red and blue plastic containers:


Of course when I took that the flow of fish had stopped.  There was a guy shoveling huge amounts of ice into the containers to keep the fish cold, and another guy was driving a forklift, moving the, then very heavy, containers to a warehouse.  Here come more fish…



Near where I was watching all this, these guys were putting their private fishing boat back on it’s trailer:



The name of their boat?


And I saw this makeshift sign near the boat ramp:


After spending a little more time watching the activity in that part of the harbor I drove out to the main part of town where there are some small motels and several restaurants.  I learned that that is where personal pleasure boats are docked and the harbor was much bigger than I first thought.  This is from a 3-story tall observation platform located at the end of the main street through town:


That platform also gave me a great view of Grays Harbor, and all the fishing boats coming and going.  There was also a huge cargo ship, the Longview Logger, anchored out in the harbor.  It looked very much like the ship I saw being loaded with logs down in Coos Bay, Oregon.


And I saw this tugboat, pulling a barge:


There is a Maritime Museum in town:


And of course there were shorebirds:


There were a few seagulls in the mix but these were mostly Brandt’s cormorants (with black bills) and Double-Crested cormorants (with yellow bills).


Wednesday I will be driving around to the northeast side of Grays Harbor and will be staying near the town of Hoquiam.


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