The Japanese God of Fisherman, God of Luck or the Laughing God.  Take your pick.

I learned about this while I was at the Coastal Interpretive Center in Ocean Shores, Washington on Wednesday.  Back in 2013, Nick Sparagno, his wife, daughter, grandson and their dogs were walking on the beach in Ocean Shores when their dog Annie uncovered something in the surf.  Turns out it was a wooden statue of the Japanese God Edisu which is believed to have been carried out to sea by the massive tsunami which struck Japan in 2011 (they found other debris from Japan on the beach as well).



I tried taking a picture looking straight at it but it is in a glass case and the sliding doors created 2 unattractive lines right down the center!

Here is a photo which appeared in the local newspaper back in 2013.  As you can see, the statue is just as tall as the Sparagno’s two-year old grandson, Noah.


(Photo credit: The Ocean Observer)

And here is a photo Alison Nelson, Noah’s mother, took the day of the discovery:


(Photo credit: Alison Nelson)

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