Destruction Island Lighthouse


Would it surprise you if I told you that the photo above was taken just a few hundred feet from the Pacific Ocean?  Let me turn 90 degrees to the left of where I took that shot to show you proof:


Hard to see a sunlit area in the distance when looking at it from a shaded area so let me zoom in on the right side of the wooden fence and the tall metal sign pole next to it:


And there it is!  As I drove north on Highway 101 Friday there was about a 12-mile section of the road which runs parallel and almost directly adjacent to the beach, although it most places you can’t see it unless you look through the breaks in the trees.  Unlike in California and Oregon, where 101 is usually very close to the ocean, the majority of Highway 101 on Washington state runs well inland.

And before I turned inland at Ruby Beach I spotted this off the coast:


That is the lighthouse out on Destruction Island, which is about 3 1/2 miles offshore.  Here are some pictures I found online:

DestructionIsland gwlocphoto

(Photo credit: gwlocphoto George White Location Photography)

destruction2 lighthousefriends

(Photo credit:

The lighthouse sits on a roughly 30 acre island.  It was first lit in 1892 and is 94 feet tall.  It’s use was discontinued in 2008 and it, and the island it sits on, are not open to the public.

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