Port Townsend – Various

Here are some various things I saw while in Port Townsend on Tuesday.  Because the air quality was poor I just stuck around town and kept the air in the car on “recirculate”.  I did do quite a bit of walking but the air didn’t seem quite as bad as it was on Monday.

This is one of the nicer Victorian-style buildings in town.  It was having some paint freshened up.


And this is the County Courthouse, one of the oldest municipal buildings in the State of Washington.  It is only three blocks from the water and the streets quickly increase in elevation so the only way to get a picture of the front is to look up.


These are two donkeys on the property where I am staying.  My Airbnb hostess is a veterinarian and has several horses, pot-bellied pigs, and these donkeys on the property.  The one on the left is the mother and the little one is just a few weeks old (and has LOTS of energy!).


And I have seen these lots of places but this is the “cleanest” one I’ve come across.  This is a tsunami warning tsiren.  It is one of 58 scattered strategically along the Pacific coast of Washington and the waterways leading into Puget Sound.


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